Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School!!

I know I should be doing work but I JUST had to share with you a few pictures of my Debra's 1st day of Pre-School. I just can't beleive how fast that went, she's old enough to go to school, YAY!!! I have to say she was VERY excited to go this morning, partially b/c I've been playing it up. She tends to be just like her mom when it comes to something new a little apprehensive but then watch out she is GUNG HO!!! So I had to make it exciting for her, i think it worked ;-)

So here she is with her GINORMUS backpack, I mean come on why must they make them get such a big one, just to hold a folder, lol
Gotta wear shades!!! It's a sunny morning :-)
Here she is with Uncle Keith, he is just as proud & excited as we are. I know we can count on him to be there for all her firsts, luv ya bro xoxox
Look I found my name, I'm a green apple :-)

Getting ready to leave. What a great day!!!

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Stephanie Rodgers said...

I could just eat her up she's such a cutie! Say 'hi' to my little buddy for me. Stef


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