Monday, March 29, 2010

A few Projects

OK so a few weeks ago I told you I had a project done.  I can now post it b/c my daughter wanted to give it to him early (his birthday is 4/6).  Below is the picture of his gift which happens to be the project for my upcoming class on Wednesday, April 28th @ 7pm . It will make a GREAT mother's day gift!! The paper used will vary, if you'd like to attend email me.

Here are the projects I made for my occasions/sab mini workshop, a gift bag & bookmark, which we all decided to use as mirror flare instead :-) GREAT IDEA, although I guess we're not much for reading these days lol

this was julie's the one on the left is great but she felt it needed a little something so bam, a little saying makes it complete!

here are Korey's on the left & Toni's on the right, such talent

here are Amanda's creations, her book mark has a certain kind of look, can you guess from what???

Thanks for stopping by hope you enjoyed looking and don't forget if you'd like to attend my upcoming events send me an email

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