Friday, October 10, 2008

Some Great Crafttin' Days

Man was I in my glory this week. I was stampin' & craftin' 3 days in a ROW!!! PLUS I have a workshop on Saturday so that's 4, WOO HOO, go me :-)

On Wednesday I had my open scrap night with I think the MOST amount of woman I've had yet, 12. I was so amazed that we all found the space to work. All felt very accomplished at the end of the night. Can't wait to do it again next month!!! sorry I don't have pictures, next time


Thursday was the kid's craft day with 11 in total. The kids really enjoyed themselves & the projects & want to do it again, this time, get this, SCRAPBOOKING!!! startin' em young ;-)

Here they all are with the completed project, aren't they cute!!!


Then today my friend Stef came over. She wanted to stamp SO BAD she sat in over an hours worth of traffic to get here & then sat in WAY longer traffic to get home. Now that's a TRUE stamper ;-)

We decided to get together once a month & make hostess gifts & door prizes & whatever else we feel like. Here are the things we made, some are incomplete. I will finish them up & add at another time.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks entry & until next time, Happy Craftin'


Traci :-)


Stephanie Rodgers said...

You ain't kiddin' about me bein' dedicated ... nearly 4 hours total in traffic! Sheesh! But, we got alot more done together then either of us would've gotten done on our own, so it was well worth it! Can't wait til next month! BTW, you're comin' to my house next time!

Kelly Mahoney said...

Great projects ladies! I love everyone of them!


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